This page contains links to the data we’re using in our workshop, and a sample of a few useful resources online and in print. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but hopefully a launching pad for useful website and books. All of these examples provide code you can try!

Live Coding

: For live-coding, we will save whatever code we run to a live webpage via Dropbox. This will update every time we save our code, which means you can refresh the page to see whatever code we are typing, copy it, and download this file at anytime. Please bookmark and open the appropriate link in your favorite web-browser.

Lesson Datasets

This is a list of the data sources used in this workshop.

Lesson Datasets


: We would like your input to make this a better learning experience for participants and instructors. We’ll use this form at set points throughout the workshop to get your feedback on what has worked or not worked.

Artwork by @allison_horst

Figure 1: Artwork by @allison_horst

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