Nitrogen Sources and Potential Nitrogen Leaching to Groundwater in the Central Valley and Salinas Valley, California



Nitrate‐nitrogen is the most common pollutant found in the Central Valley and Salinas Valley aquifer systems of California. This project provides a long‐term assessment of past and current potential nitrogen loading to groundwater on irrigated and natural lands across the Central Valley and Salinas Valley of California (study area) using a nitrogen mass balance approach, mapping, and an extensive literature review of nitrogen sources; assesses the long‐term implications for groundwater quality in the study area; evaluates potential best management practices to reduce groundwater nitrogen loading from irrigated lands; and provides a planning tool to better understand local and regional groundwater quality response to specific best management practices and policy/regulatory actions. The project complements other work to assess the vulnerability of Central Valley and Salinas Valley groundwater to nitrate contamination, sources of nitrate in groundwater, and how to reduce source loading.

The maps on this website include data from Harter et al. (CDFA-FREP, 2017) and - for the Salinas Valley - from Harter, Lund et al. (SBX2 1, 2012).

Methods and Citations

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Central Valley data is from:

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Salinas data is from:

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